Numbers Tell the story

Food Pantry

Approximately 1,000,000 pounds of food were distributed in 2019. The average number of visits per month was 1,498. This is an average of almost 60 families per day, six days a week. Approximately 5,000 Dunn County residents were served by the pantry. 80% of families are living at or below poverty level and the remaining 20% are very close. Over 450 school children and youth received Project SAM (Share A Meal) bags through 10 local schools so they would be sure to have food on the weekend when school meals are not available. 16,849 SAM bags were distributed.  Approximately 200 seniors received monthly or bi-monthly supplemental food packages. Pop-up pantry distributions were held at semi-monthly in Colfax, Downsville, Ridgeland, and Sand Creek.

Stepping Stones Shelter

In 2019, 185 people received shelter either at the Stepping Stones Shelter on So. Broadway, at Winter Haven, or at a local motel for short-term stays when the shelters were full. A total of 4,172 nights of shelter were provided (# of people x # of nights). 45 families received assistance with their first month’s rent or a security deposit when they were able to move into permanent housing. An additional 384 people received assistance with other housing related needs such as locating affordable housing, completing applications and writing appeals.

Community Connections Program

125 people were assisted with supportive services by volunteers such as food deliveries, small home repairs, and yard work. 392 individuals and families received over $20,000 (total) in emergency financial assistance to help with expenses such as heat, electrical bills, fuel, and clothing. 446 people were referred to other programs and community services for things such as Energy Assistance, Food Share, the Free Clinic, and medical appointment mileage reimbursement. 17,943 volunteer hours were contributed by community members to help make all of Stepping Stones’ programs and services possible.

Stepping Stones offers a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out.’