For every $1 donated, Stepping Stones can purchase $10 worth of food through the Feed My People Food Bank in Eau Claire.  For this reason, Stepping Stones encourages interested groups, businesses, and organizations to hold Food AND Funds Drives.  Donations of non-perishable food and personal care items are also greatly appreciated as they increase the variety of items available at the pantry.

Here are a few tips to help your group plan for a food and fund drive.

1. Plan Ahead

  • Select a leadership committee to plan your strategy and theme.
  • Determine the length of your food drive.

2. Set a Goal

  • Determine how many pounds and how much money you want to collect.

3. Set up a Collection Site

  • Gather food collection containers such as plastic tubs or heavy duty cardboard boxes and determine where you will place them for collection.
  • Add a cash collection jar if you have a secure place to display it.
  • You can obtain collection jar signs from Stepping Stones.

4. Get Management Involved

  • Encourage executives to show their support by sending emails, voicemails or letters.

5. Have your company match employee donations

  • For example, $1 for each pound of food collected.
  • Challenge an executive to perform an outrageous activity if your goal is met.

6. Promote your Food Drive

  • Organize a kick-off event to build enthusiasm.
  • Make food drive posters or printed grocery bags.
  • Hand out shopping list of most needed foods.
  • Announce weekly or daily totals to staff members.
  • Ask Stepping Stones to provide you with logos for your printed materials.

7. Build Awareness and Visibility

  • Use paycheck stuffer to remind people about donating.

8. Make it Fun and Simple to Participate

  • Place grocery bags at every employee or student desk.
  • Throw an event and charge a can of food for admission.
  • Hold a raffle.

9. Encourage Financial Contributions

  • Set a separate financial goal.

10. Utilize Exciting Competitions and Creative Themes

  • Have Macaroni Mondays, Tuna Tuesdays, etc…to encourage specific donations.
  • Encourage departments or classes to challenge each other to a competition.
  • Celebrate your success!

Once your event is completed designate team members to deliver the donations to Stepping Stones. (Please call ahead if it’s a large delivery.)


Most Needed Items Include

Peanut butter Canned meats (tuna and chicken)
Boxed dinners (Hamburger Helper, Macaroni & Cheese) (low sodium)
Spaghetti sauce & pasta
Rice, dry beans Breakfast cereals
(low sugar & oatmeal)

Canned fruits & vegetables
Canned soup, chili, stew (low sodium)
Juice (no added sugar)
Baby food
Bath soap, shampoo, conditioner
Toothbrushes & toothpaste
Tampons & maxi pads
Toilet tissue & Kleenex
Diapers, baby wipes
Laundry detergent
Dish soap


The pantry also welcomes donations of fresh produce!