Stepping Stones of Dunn County

Food. Shelter. Support. Since 1986.

Make a Difference Today


Stepping Stones needs volunteers for everything from stocking pantry shelves to snow shoveling to helping with special events.  Did you know volunteering is good for your healthy and well-being?!

  • A Carnegie Mellon study found that those who volunteered with two or more organizations experienced 44 percent lower mortality rates over a five-year period than those persons who did not volunteer.
  • A longitudinal study in Wisconsin of individuals from 1957 to the present found that persons who volunteered with a focus on others had three times higher survival rate with better overall health.
  • Volunteers lived longer than non-volunteers if altruistic values or a desire for social connections were the primary reasons for wanting to volunteer, according to the study, published online in the APA Journal Health Psychology.

We’re especially in need of volunteers with a pick-up truck or SUV for ‘food rescue’ pick-ups (at Walmart and other local food stores) and for delivering Project SAM (weekend kids meals) bags to schools. Also needed are people to assist with receiving food deliveries in the warehouse and, of course!, overnight volunteers for the Winter Haven shelter. Contact volunteer coordinator, Jane Redig, with questions: 715.235.2920 or by emailing communityconnect at You can also stop by for a volunteer application or find it on our website under volunteering.

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Serving Dunn County

Stepping Stones seeks to foster a community that prevents hunger, homelessness and
isolation throughout Dunn County through its three programs.


The Food Pantry provides food and personal care items to people in need and is currently averaging 1,400 visits per month. Stepping Stones also has “mini” outreach pantries in rural Dunn County communities to serve at-risk seniors and individuals with disabilities.


The Stepping Stones Shelters provide emergency shelter, housing assistance, and referral services. Winter Haven operates November 15 through May 31. We are currently seeking volunteers for Winter Haven.


The Community Connections Program connects volunteers to people needing support services and provides direct assistance to people in emergency financial need as funds are available.

Statistically Speaking


Average visits to the Food Pantry per month in 2015. That’s an average of 55 families per day, six days a week, nearly 80% of whom were living at or below poverty level.


Nights of shelter provided at either at the Stepping Stones Shelter on South Broadway, at Winter Haven, or at a local motel for short-term stays in 2015.


Individuals and families who received over $27,000 in emergency financial assistance for rent, heat, electrical bills, fuel and clothing and/or supportive services in 2015.


Volunteer hours contributed in 2015 to help make all of Stepping Stones’ programs and services possible.

Take the Tour

We invite you to visit Stepping Stones during normal business hours to see the work we do.
Stay tuned for an online tour coming soon to this space!